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Once you've started to use Automate in GetFeedback using Salesforce or SMS Invitations, and you’re seeing responses come in, jump over to Results > Distribution to look at your email analytics to see who is opening, clicking, and taking your survey.

Getting Started

In your Results Distribution tab, you'll see your distribution statistics rolling in as your emails are sent out from Salesforce.


What are hard and soft bounces?

In your email analytics area you'll see emails that were delivered, or were bounced. There are two kinds of email bounces : hard or soft bounces.

A hard bounce has failed to deliver for permanent reasons, like the recipient’s address is invalid (either because the domain name is incorrect, isn’t real, or the recipient is unknown.) Having a high volume of email addresses on your list that are hard bounces can be dangerous to your deliverability, because spam filters can view these as a red flag. With GetFeedback, hard bounces are automatically removed from your subscriber list so you can't send to them again.

A soft bounce isn’t as straightforward. A soft bounce is due to a less permanent delivery issue, like a file that’s too big or a full recipient inbox. Often times, delivery for soft bounces will be re-attempted by the Email Service Provider again over the course of a few days. You can attempt to resend to these recipients after 48 hours to see if the issue resolves itself.


On every outbound message that goes out from GetFeedback we’ll include an unsubscribe link for your recipients. When someone unsubscribes, we’ll remove them from any future sends from your GetFeedback team. If another team member tries to send to this same person in the future, the send will fail. Inclusion of an unsubscribe link is considered best practice under CAN-SPAM laws and will help with your email deliverability and sending reputation.

Delivered Rates

Included in your distribution results are your delivered rates. Your delivered rates will depend on a few factors: hard bounces, soft bounces, and your suppression list (running your list against those who have already unsubscribed).

Filtering your Statistics

You can filter your email statistics by date range. These date filters include:


If you've stored the dates that you sent out your emails, this information can be useful to see which of your survey emails were the most engaging to your respondents (i.e. high open rates and survey completion rates).

Please note: Distribution statistics cannot be exported from the GetFeedback application. Please reach out to help@getfeedback.com for an assist with exporting those details.

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